Buffalo, New York

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Advanced Pediatric Wound Care Center

The Advanced Pediatric Wound Care Center provides treatment for acute trauma injuries and is available to other providers for complex wound treatment. Physicians at the center are standardizing wound care with the ability to treat traumatic wounds, burn wounds, device-related wounds, surgical complications, radiation wounds, and diabetic wounds. The only program in WNY treating kids…
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Revolutionizing Treating Children with Burns

Kathryn Bass, MD, MBA talks with The Buffalo News about amnion stem cell treatments that are revolutionizing treating children with burns. Dr. Bass is a trauma surgeon at UBMD Surgery and leads the Wound Care Center at Oishei Children’s Hospital. She is also an associate professor at UB. Click to read the article “At Children’s Hospital, ‘a whole…
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Pediatricians change car seat recommendations

The American Academy of Pediatrics is changing recommendations on when it is okay for your child to no longer use a car seat.  Recommendations were originally based on age, but pediatricians have studied and decided that age is not as important as the height and weight of your child.  “It’s important to realize that these are…
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Summer Safety Kaleida Health Medical Minute

Kaleida Health Medical Minute featuring Dr. Bass talking about Summer fun and tips to stay away from Trauma situations with your family.

Summer Safety 2016 Medical Minute with Dr. Kathryn Bass

Dr. Kathryn D. Bass is featured in this Medical Minute talking about Summer Safety in 2016.  Click here to watch Dr. Bass’ video and learn how to keep your family safe during the Summer months.