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Liise Kayler, MD

Jorge Ortiz, MD

Jorge Ortiz, MD

Ahmad Zaaroura, MD

Ahmad Zaaroura, MD

UBMD Surgery physicians leading the Transplant Surgery Program at Erie County Medical Center delivers Kidney and Pancreas transplant care at the highest level. Our vision is to provide equitable and timely transplantation to every eligible person at our center with the best-matched organ available and to enhance patient experience at each step of the transplant journey.

We offer leading-edge options for transplantation including:

  • Minimally invasive laparoscopic donor nephrectomy
  • National kidney paired exchange
  • Desensitization
  • A2-to-B transplantation
  • Steroid avoidance
  • Multimodal enhanced recovery after surgery

UBMD Surgery’s Transplant Surgeons are involved in research and transplant society initiatives aiming to reimagine solutions for issues facing organ transplant programs nationally, and our team progressively implements interventions that translate research into practice.  Our Transplant Surgery physicians are health services researchers, who collaborate with a diverse group of colleagues across the University, dialysis centers, patient groups, and organ procurement organizations to empirically learn about social, cultural, economic and regulatory factors that influence access to and outcomes after transplantation.

Current research focuses on the availability and quality of transplant information reaching vulnerable populations with end-stage-renal disease. This entails focus groups to learn patient information needs and develop culturally competent easy-to-understand multimedia education to improve understanding, readiness, and self-efficacy surrounding kidney transplantation. This project aims to dispel disparities in access to treatment information that can empower kidney failure patients in navigating their kidney treatment decisions.

For more information about Transplant Surgery, please contact UBMD Surgery by email below or call 716-859-2700.

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