Buffalo, New York

Category: Medically Speaking

Discussing Parathyroid Treatment

Steven Schwaitzberg, MD appeared on Kaleida Health’s Medically Speaking to discuss the parathyroid glands that regulate calcium and what can happen when levels are too low or too high. Dr. Schwaitzberg is president of UBMD Surgery and department chair of Surgery at the Jacobs School.

Weight Loss Surgery with Kaleida Health

Dr. Aaron Hoffman, Chief of Surgery with Kaleida Health, discusses obesity and health conditions that accompany it. In his interview, Dr. Hoffman explains the benefits of gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. Not only do the procedures promote weight loss but they have also been shown to improve diabetes, gastric reflux, and heart disease. To learn…
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Breast Cancer Prevention and Early Detection

Meeghan Lautner, MD sat down with Kaleida Health’s Chief of Staff, Mike Hughes, for their latest edition of Medically Speaking.  Dr. Lautner shares information regarding mammography, screening recommendations, breast cancer risk, and genetic testing.  She discusses breast cancer prevention, early detection and new offerings available through Kaleida Health.  This episode of Kaleida Health’s Medically Speaking…
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