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Tag: Bariatric Surgery

WNY’s Largest Multispecialty Surgical Practice

UBMD Surgery is WNY’s largest multispecialty surgical practice providing unparalleled care specific to your needs.  From lifesaving emergent care to life-changing elective care. Emergency Care: Elective Care: With a commitment to cutting-edge scientific knowledge and research, our highly specialized team of surgeons provides innovative superior care and medical expertise right here at home, wherever, and…
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Bariatrics Medical Minute with Dr. Hoffman

Dr. Aaron Hoffman is featured in this Medical Minute talking about Bariatric Surgery.  Click here to watch Dr. Hoffman’s video and learn about weight loss surgery.

Bariatric Surgery Medical Minute with Dr. Alan Posner

Dr. Alan Posner is talking about Bariatric Surgery program which features experts in laparoscopic minimum invasive surgery.  Click here to watch Dr. Posner’s Medical Minute about weight loss surgery.