Buffalo, New York

Bariatric Surgery Medical Minute with Kaleida Health

Spend a Bariatric Surgery Medical Minute with Kaleida Health. Dr. Alan Posner, MD, FACS, the Director of Bariatric Surgery for Kaleida Health, and surgeon with UBMD Surgery talks more about Bariatric Surgery.

Many patients struggle to lose weight and reach a healthy weight. For patients who fail to diet and exercise, weight loss surgery can give you a durable tool to allow patients to have a better chance to lose weight and keep it off and maintain a more healthy lifestyle.

There have been many operations for weight loss surgery and many have come and gone. The longest-standing operation for weight loss surgery is the gastric bypass, and the most popular weight loss surgery right now is the sleeve gastrectomy.

At Buffalo General Medical Center, we have been performing weight loss surgery for 17 years. Surgery is only one part of the weight loss journey and it is not an option for everyone.  We teach people how to eat correctly and exercise correctly. If people have tremendous success maybe they don’t need surgery. If they are still struggling, surgery becomes a very viable option, and following surgery, we continue to follow our patients for life.

This Bariatric Surgery Medical Minute was brought to you by Kaleida Health.

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