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Gastric Bypass Surgical Intervention Study

Dr. Carroll M. Harmon, a Physician with UBMD Surgery, was recently published in the New England Journal of Medicine, The New York Times, and several other news outlets contributing to a gastric bypass surgical intervention study.Β  The study reviews five-year outcomes after Gastric Bypass Surgical Intervention in adolescents as compared with adults. Physicians found that…
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Expert Panelist on Management of Giant Omphaloceles Webinar

Dr. Carroll Harmon has been invited to sit as an expert panelist on a Pediatric Surgery webinar, titled “Management of Giant Omphaloceles.”Β  To learn more about the webinar or register to watch a recording of the webinar, please click here. Click here to view Dr. Harmon’s profile.

Minimally Invasive Surgery Medical Minute with Dr. Carroll M. Harmon

Dr. Carroll M. Harmon is featured in this Medical Minute talking about pediatric minimally invasive surgery.Β  Watch Dr. Harmon’s video and learn more about minimally invasive surgery when it comes to adolescents, new born, and infants.