Buffalo, New York

UBMD Surgery Physicians Treating Trauma at ECMC

ECMC is known for being a leader specializing in treating trauma and critical care patients throughout Western New York.  UBMD Surgery Physicians are Treating Trauma at ECMC as a verified Level 1 Adult Trauma Center by the American College of Surgeons, designated a Level 1 Adult Trauma Center by the NYS Department of Health.

As a major teaching facility for the University of Buffalo, ECMC is consistently at the forefront of medical research and ingenuity.  UBMD Surgery Physicians are your ECMC Trauma Team saving lives. The ECMC Trauma Team is treating life-threatening injuries every day with surgical expertise in general, vascular, wound, burn specialties.

ECMC’s Trauma Care Team is made up of the following UBMD Surgery Physicians:

  • William J. Flynn Jr., MD, FACS
  • Raphael Blochle, MD
  • Jeffrey Brewer, MD
  • Michael Chopko, MD
  • Clairice Cooper, MD
  • W. Alan Guo, MD, PhD
  • Jeffrey Jordan, MD
  • James Lukan, MD, FACS