Buffalo, New York

Breast Cancer Medical Minute with Stuti Tambar MD

Spend a Breast Cancer Medical Minute with Kaleida Health. Stuti Tambar, MD, FACS is a Breast Surgeon with Great Lakes Cancer Care Collaborative and UBMD Surgery.

The Core biopsy is different from most other biopsies performed on the body in the sense as it is a bigger sample that is taken out of the breast.  This allows the pathologist to have a decent sized sample to look at and give an accurate diagnosis while they are trying to diagnose cancer or a benign disease in the breast.

The Core Needle Biopsy is performed after numbing the skin and the deeper portion of the breast, then advancing a little bigger needle into the area of concern and taking a sample through a spring-loaded device which is made just for breast biopsies. 

Although bruising is coming, a big-sized hematoma is not common but it can occur, and they are usually self-resolving.

The Core biopsy is recommended for all breast biopsies. A fine needle aspiration, which is an older type of biopsy is no longer performed on the breast. Dr. Tambar started to do the Core Needle Biopsy as soon as she sees the patient. She does not make the patient wait and prefers an expedited diagnosis.

View the Breast Cancer Medical Minute Video: https://vimeo.com/745077009