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Bariatric Surgery Medical Minute with Dr. Alan Posner

Dr. Alan Posner is talking about Bariatric Surgery program which features experts in laparoscopic minimum invasive surgery.  Click here to watch Dr. Posner’s Medical Minute about weight loss surgery.

Summer Safety 2016 Medical Minute with Dr. Kathryn Bass

Dr. Kathryn D. Bass is featured in this Medical Minute talking about Summer Safety in 2016.  Click here to watch Dr. Bass’ video and learn how to keep your family safe during the Summer months.

Wound Care Medical Minute with Dr. Blochle

Dr. Blochle is featured talking about effective advanced treatment options wound healing and ways to reduce the risk of occurrence.  Click here to watch Dr. Blochle’s Medical Minute about Wound Care.

Preventing Falls Medical Minute with Dr. Cooper

Dr. Clairice Cooper is featured in this Medical Minute about Preventing Falls. Click here to watch Dr. Coopers video and learn steps to take to prevent falls.

Universal Translator for Surgeons – Dr. Steven Schwaitzberg

Laparoscopic surgery uses minimally invasive incisions, which means less pain and shorter recovery times for patients. Teaching these techniques around the world, Dr. Steven Schwaitzberg has run into two problems — language and distance.  In the TEDx Beacon Street video above, Dr. Schwaitzberg shares how a new technology, which combines video conferencing and a real-time universal…
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