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It Could be Vascular

Do you have pain in your legs that comes and goes?

Are your feet cold or numb?

Do you have weakness in your legs, hair loss on your calves and feet? Changes of the color of your feet or poor wound healing?

Family history, if you smoke with no symptoms at all –

– it could be vascular.

About half of the people with peripheral artery disease show no symptoms at all but are at increased risk of dying from vascular problems. It’s vital to take prevention seriously and have proper testing. Especially if you’re at high risk. You are potentially at high risk if you smoke or have high cholesterol, high blood pressure, have a family history of heart or vascular disease or a low activity lifestyle, it could be vascular.

Check with UBMD Vascular Surgery.  Researching, diagnosing, and treating aneurysms, peripheral arterial disease, carotid disease, dialysis access, thoracic outlet syndrome, venous disease and renal disease.

UBMD Vascular has multiple locations.  Call 716-859-4223

It could be. So it should be UB …. UBMD Vascular specialists you can trust.



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