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Maciej Dryjski MD Earns Highest Honor in Medicine

Maciej Dryjski MD has been awarded the Gloria Medicinae Medal from the Polish Medical Society, the highest honor in medicine presented by his home country of Poland.  Dr. Dryjski is the Director of vascular and endovascular surgery at Kaleida Health, Vice Chairman of the Depart of Surgery with UBMD Surgery, and professor of surgery at…
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Two letters from the Department of Surgery

Department of SurgeryTraining tomorrow’s surgical leaders, today May 18, 2022 On behalf of the Department of Surgery, I want to express our deepest sorrow at Saturday’s attack—and our solidarity with our Black neighbors who have been affected by this hate crime. This weekend’s racist violence is a reminder of the immensity of the work that…
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UBMD Surgery Specialties

Third Annual Women’s Vascular Summit

The Third Annual Women’s Vascular Summit is taking place at the University at Buffalo on May 13-14, 2022. The Women’s Vascular Summit is an annual meeting for medical professionals who treat vascular disease in women. The meeting will be located within the Jacobs Schools of Medicine. The Summit will lead discussions about vascular disease and…
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Schwaitzberg Named Distinguished Professor

Dr. Steven Schwaitzberg Named Distinguished Service Professor by SUNY Steven Schwaitzberg, MD was one of two UBMD physicians to receive the highest faculty rank by The State University of New York systems as a SUNY Distinguished Professor.  Dr. Schwaitzberg was named a SUNY Distinguished Service Professor receiving recognition for his international prominence and his distinguished…
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Dr. Steven Schwaitzberg

Schwaitzberg Recognized as Army Veteran

In honor of Veteran’s Day, WIVB Channel 4 News featured Dr. Steven Schwaitzberg, Chairman of UBMD Surgery, for his service in the US Army. Dr. Schwaitzberg is a retired Army reservist.  Joining in 1987, part of his time in the service was spent in combat and other time was spent on humanitarian missions like road…
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New Book Explores How Vascular Disease Differs in Women

“Vascular Disease in Women: An Overview of the Literature and Treatment Recommendations” is a new book edited by Linda M. Harris, MD. The new publication is based on contributions from the 2019 Women’s Vascular Summit. The first-ever Women’s Vascular Summit took place in Buffalo, New York during April 2019. Vascular Surgeons from Jacobs School of…
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UBMD Surgery is Pleased to Support the Olympics

UBMD Surgery is Pleased to Support the Olympics.  Greatness is earned.  Excellence is learned. You never stop improving.  You never stop mastering.  To be the best takes determination.  To be the best takes dedication. As a teaching practice, UBMD surgeons must always be at the top of their game.  Something the world’s best athletes and…
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Advanced Pediatric Wound Care Center

The Advanced Pediatric Wound Care Center provides treatment for acute trauma injuries and is available to other providers for complex wound treatment. Physicians at the center are standardizing wound care with the ability to treat traumatic wounds, burn wounds, device-related wounds, surgical complications, radiation wounds, and diabetic wounds. The only program in WNY treating kids…
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First Annual ‘Beyond the Knife’ Lecture

University at Buffalo’s Department of Surgery launched an annual lecture called ‘Beyond the Knife,’ designed to address and mitigate the effects of systemic racism and inequality in health care. Focused on social justice and health care inequity, The Department of Surgery welcomed inaugural speaker Dr. Cornel West, Harvard University professor, bestselling author, political activist and public…
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UB Surgery Lecture Highlights Outreach Initiatives

University at Buffalo’s Department of Surgery is launching a lecture series and mentorship program to help address systemic racism and healthcare inequality. Research initiatives include opportunities for underrepresented students interested in the field of surgery within Buffalo, NY. Students will develop meaningful relationships in the local Fruit Belt and Delavan-Grider communities in Buffalo neighborhoods where UB…
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