Buffalo, New York

Dr. Butsch Performs 1000th Robotic Surgery

During the last week in June, UBMD Surgery celebrates as Dr. Butsch performs his 1000th robotic surgery! Dr. Butsch and his team helped start the minimally invasive surgery program in 2012 and now serves as the Director of Robotic Surgery at Buffalo General Medical Center. Robotic surgery can be used for procedures such as cholecystectomies, sleeve gastrectomies, roux-en-y gastric bypasses, hernia repairs, and anti-reflux procedures.  Dr. Butsch continues to train other surgeons to provide advanced, minimally invasive robotic surgeries to patients in need.

Learn more about Dr. Butch by viewing his profile here: https://ubmdsurgery.com/our-team/john-l-butsch-md-facs/