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Women’s Vascular Summit

The Women’s Vascular Summit is the first annual meeting designed to present and discuss what we know and do not know about how vascular disease presents differently in women, and how the intervention is impacted by gender.  Topics include the broad spectrum of vascular disorders including: Peripheral Arterial Disease Cerebrovascular Disease Aortic Aneurysms Aortic Dissections…
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Excellence in Healthcare

In its inaugural year, three of four UBMD physicians from UBMD Surgery were named to Business First’s Excellence in Healthcare list.  Congratulations to Steven Schwaitzberg, MD, Timothy Adams, MD and John Butsch, MD. Click here to read the Buffalo Business First Excellence in Healthcare list for 2019.

ECMC burn unit saves lives

Dr. James Lukan, UBMD Surgery Physician, is the Associate Medical Director of the Burn Unit at ECMC.  Watch the report below, provided by WIVB Buffalo, discussing how the ECMC’s burn unit treated Sacha de Jesus after her traumatic burn experience, and how ECMC burn unit saves lives. ECMC’s burn unit treated more than 200 patients in 2018.  Not all burn situations need…
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Discussing Parathyroid Treatment

Steven Schwaitzberg, MD appeared on Kaleida Health’s Medically Speaking to discuss the parathyroid glands that regulate calcium and what can happen when levels are too low or too high. Dr. Schwaitzberg is president of UBMD Surgery and department chair of Surgery at the Jacobs School.

Weight Loss Surgery with Kaleida Health

Dr. Aaron Hoffman, Chief of Surgery with Kaleida Health, discusses obesity and health conditions that accompany it. In his interview, Dr. Hoffman explains the benefits of gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. Not only do the procedures promote weight loss but they have also been shown to improve diabetes, gastric reflux, and heart disease. To learn…
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UBMD Surgery Vascular Treatment

Vascular Treatment with Dr. Linda Harris

Vascular Surgery Division Chief, Linda A. Harris, discusses vascular treatment with the full spectrum of vascular service offerings provided by UBMD Surgery.   The Vascular division at UBMD provides treatment for all vascular problems from aortic disease including aneurysms in the chest and belly; or dissections; to peripheral artery disease, problems in the legs.  UBMD Vascular lab also treats carotid disease, which…
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New Additions to UBMD Surgery

It is a pleasure to announce new additions of physicians to UBMD Surgery and hope you will welcome them as the opportunity or needs arise.   First, it is very exciting to announce and welcome the surgeons, providers, and staff from Delaware Surgical into UBMD Surgery.  General Physician P.C., who is committed to providing great…
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Vascular Surgery Speaking Engagements

Maciej Dryjski, MD has been actively speaking around the world about his vascular surgical expertise.  The latest professional Vascular surgery speaking engagements include: Center for Vascular Awareness VAST meeting Saratoga Springs, NY, August 2018 Cracow Vascular Summit, Cracow, Poland, October 2018 VEITH Symposium in NYC, November 2018 Visit Dr. Dryjski profile to learn more about his…
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Treating Breast Cancer & Understanding Surgical Approaches

Meeghan Lautner, MD describes different surgical treatment options for breast cancer patients in UBMD Physicians’ Grop blog. Dr. Lautner specializes in breast cancer and breast disease procedures with UBMD Surgery. She is chief of breast surgery at Kaleida Health, working also through General Physician Primary Care and is part of the oncology team at Great Lakes Cancer Care.…
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Join Dr Gajdos for Monday Afternoon GI Clinic

Dr. Csaba Gajdos is holding gastrointestinal (GI) clinics on Monday afternoons at the Center for Minimally Invasive Surgery located at Buffalo General Medical Center, Suite D3. Dr. Gajdos will be seeing patients with all types of GI oncology cases, including hepatobiliary/liver, gastric cancer, colon cancer, and carcinomas.  Other types of GI oncology cases include esophageal cancer, melanoma,…
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